Enterprise Class Solutions

Our last mile/marathon enterprise solutions allow you to do what was previously not possible.  That means we take the 2 to 7% of sites that are hard or “impossible” to reach with normal connectivity.  With these services we allow you to:

  • Deliver bandwidth to places that were once financially impossible.

  • Provide 100% site coverage.

  • Implement redundancy to mission critical networks.

  • Complete projects faster (as quickly as a few days in emergencies with standard turn around times under 60 days).

Enterprise high capacity microwave backhauls deliver 10mbps to 500mbps of bandwidth, 99.99% availability, 2ms to sub-millisecond latency at 1/4th to 1/10th the cost of building fiber. This application is most effective within 100 miles of fiber.

There are two major channels we provide this service through, 1) we partner with carriers to deliver the sites where the return on investment doesn’t make sense to build fiber, 2) we work directly with organizations to light up the hard to reach sites.


One Stop Shop

We handle the design, engineering, implementation, ongoing monitoring, hardware replacement, and all other maintenance.  All you have to worry about is a single monthly bill.



Not the Right Solution?

If this solution is overkill for your needs check out our Business Class Solutions. If this solution isn’t robust enough check out our Carrier Grade Solutions.



Additional Information

For an in depth exploration of supplementing fiber with microwave technologies read our white paper “Fiber’s Best Friend: High Capacity Microwave Backhaul.”



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