Business Class Solutions

We don’t focus on the 90% of sites that are easy to reach. We want the 10% of sites that are considered “hard to reach.”  We aggregate nearly 500 wireless internet service providers and hundreds of wireline providers to cover the locations no one else will.  Our business class service is comparable to cable or DSL in regard to bandwidth, latency, and jitter metrics.  Our services are available anywhere in North America.  With these services we allow you to:

  • Obtain 100% site coverage by delivering bandwidth at the hard to reach locations

  • Turn up in 30-45 days (1 to 2 business days in emergency situations)

  • Offload the sites that cause the most headaches

  • Deliver more bandwidth for less cost than a T1

  • Provide unlimited data except in rare situations (a small percentage of sites are capped between 100GB and 200GB with nominal charges for data beyond that)

  • Work around high construction cost sites

Typically our business class services are delivered by terrestrial (not satellite) point to multi-point fixed wireless. This service is not the same as a cellular LTE capped (metered) service and should not be confused with satellite (which has to travel round trip through nearly 45,000 miles of the earth’s atmosphere).  Business class fixed wireless bandwidth ranges from 3/1mbps to 25/5mbps+ (depending on the local infrastructure).  Latency is normally under 70ms and jitter tends to hover around 10ms.  Availability is 99.5%+ (not including power outages).


No one lost a client because of the sites that were working well. Let 2pifi deal with the unsavory remainder.


Not the Right Solution?

If this solution isn’t robust enough check out our Enterprise Class and Carrier Grade solutions.


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