Microwave Solutions

We’ve been in the business of microwave connectivity since 1996.  Our engineers have extensive knowledge of radio frequency and microwave technologies all the way down to the physics behind it. Our services range from Business class, to Enterprise Class, all the way to Carrier Grade. These microwave solutions replace fiber leases and expensive build outs and allow you to obtain 100% site coverage.  We will radically change your return on investment model so that you can say “yes” to more deals whether it’s a single business or an entire community.

  • Carrier Grade Solutions provide speeds from 300mbps to 6gbps+ with up to 99.999% availability at 1/4th to 1/10th the cost of building fiber.  

  • Enterprise Class Solutions provide speeds from 10mbps to 500mbps with 99.99% availability at similar discounts. 

  • Business Class Solutions provide speeds of 3/1mbps to 25/5mbps+ and are useful when cable and DSL are not available.

In the event of an emergency we can have a link setup within a few days.


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Additional Information

  We want to help you lower your costs and help you reach the unreachable.


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